Prevent IoT cybersecurity attacks

Prevent IoT Cyber Security Attacks

With Sensify, every interaction with your devices by applications and users must follow roles, access controls and permissions set at the Enterprise and Control Center level. Every device is fingerprinted to ensure authenticity. No device upgrades required. Further, every action is immutably logged ensuring that each contact point in your operation, from the edge device to the user and everything in between can prove its legitimacy.

Industrial Operations

Industrial Operations Require Decentralized Security

Operational autonomy is an essential requirement in industrial deployments. Unlike Enterprises which are mostly centralized, Industrial deployments are highly decentralized with intermittent network connectivity. Security through the central data center or the cloud alone is inadequate. The vision of autonomous industrial operations can only be realized by pushing security to the Edge. The Sensify Distribution Fabric enables Enterprise Security Services at the Edge.

Single pane of glass to your IoT operations

Single Pane of Glass to your IoT Operations

Simplify the complexity of managing IoT devices, users, and applications. Intelligently connect users, devices, and applications. Your thousands, or even millions, of heterogeneous devices become searchable and truly accessible from a single panel. As your operation grows and changes, Sensify removes friction from the entire device lifecycle. Keep your organization focused on operational excellence, not device complexity.

End manual security operations

End Manual Security Operations

Sensify’s decentralized control platform eliminates one-by-one manual device provisioning and credential changes. Industrial devices go through a complex chain of custody making secure provisioning expensive and manual. Sensify securely and seamlessly rotates credentials and secures chain of custody with zero touch provisioning. Sensify enables industrial operators to comply with regulatory requirements. Sensify empowers organizational agility by creating a mechanism to manage security policies across entire industrial operations.

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